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Companies invest in online sales training to increase results and bring knowledge to employees.

In this context, sales team training via distance learning has drawn the attention of companies because it offers numerous advantages.

The employee can access the videos or content – ​​some of which are completely free – and still receive the necessary training to obtain the necessary knowledge to perform the company’s activities.

Distance learning has been a practice adopted by many companies as a training technique for a long time, presenting advantages, including accessibility and diversity in the teaching method (videos, slides and others).

The economy is another advantage of the company that invests in training the EAD team, since it will not have to pay for the payment of speakers, infrastructure and everything necessary for the presentation of the class.

Check below which are the online sales team training that are worth indicating to the team.

8 Online Sales Training Content

1- FGV: Sales Force Management – Online

Among the most prestigious colleges in Brazil in business administration, the FGV course has a workload of 30 hours and duration of 9 weeks.

The course specializes professionals to apply and follow strategic sales techniques.

It presents a varied overview, specifying the most important ways to organize sales and create efficient planning, such as creating the strategy, building the sales plan , implementing and managing the team.

2- Sebrae: How to sell more and better

Free and online, the sales team training offered by Sebrae makes a compilation of the main steps for customer loyalty .The classes present examples and techniques of sales management, service quality and strategic planning .

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3- University of Michigan (USA): Techniques to succeed in negotiation

Sponsored by the Lemann foundation, the business training course is available for free online access, translated into Portuguese.

With top-notch content and offered by a renowned international university, the classes prepare salespeople in a crucial stage for success: negotiation .

The course permeates through all stages in sales, such as price, goals and negotiation power.

After practical participation in the negotiation activity, the student receives feedback on the performance on positive points and what can be improved.

4- Prime courses: Sales plan

The Prime course is online and totally free with the objective of training the team or self-employed professional in the elaboration of strategies focused on increasing profits and expanding results.

The proposal is to expand the goals, analysis of the current situation of the business and ways to retain the customer. 

5- Tony Robbins – Why do we do what we do?

TED Talks motivational videos are excellent force training tools.

Let’s start with the iconic Tony Robbins when he asks why we do what we do on a daily basis. 

In the sales process and in dealing with the customer – as in life – we often fall into automatic mode. After all, it worked for so long, why now change or think about it?

6- Matt Cutts – Try something new for 30 days

After all, what would be the relationship of this lecture with the training of the sales team?

Google’s software engineer debates the importance of bringing utility and goals to everyday life.

Whether or not it is possible to write a book in 30 days will depend on how much you planned to achieve this goal – this includes the hours you missed sleep and dark circles in the morning – but what you earned is what matters: writing the book.

Resistance to change in posture, attitude and behavioral readjustments is very common when we are in the comfort zone. Planning strategies and following them is essential for sales and business success.

Changing goals and shorter deadlines are not there to make it difficult, but to exercise new skills and challenges.

We act in the face of perspectives that will be useful in personal and professional development.

7- Ernesto Sirolli – Want to help someone? Be still and listen!

Ernesto Sirolli is an expert in economic development and team training.

With extensive experience in sales consulting and commercial management , his lectures talk about negotiation strategies, assertive communication and the need to listen, consult and only after that present the “sale” of a solution.

It is not possible to know the customer’s need without first consulting him in a good conversation.

The seller first of all needs to be an excellent consultant and present good alternatives for specific needs. This is the speaker’s message.

What did you think of these 7 sales team training options? Choose the most interesting for your business profile and start training your team right now!

Why Train The Sales Team

The current market is always changing, mainly due to technological innovations and innovative methodologies.

To accompany you, keep your company competitive and up to the expectations of the public , you need to have an up-to-date and well-trained commercial team.

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