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cost per foot to stain deck

How Much Does It Cost To Seal Or Waterproof A Deck? How Much Does It Cost To Seal Or Waterproof A Deck?. If you stain the deck. of about $30 per hour, a 250-square-foot deck has a cost difference of about $100.

2017 Composite Decking Prices | Cost of Composite Decking The average cost of composite decking is $35 per square foot.. Some homeowners like this because it allows them to stain the deck. Tips for Saving on Deck Costs.

2017 Average Cost to Stain a Deck | Labor & Deck Staining. Cost to Stain a Deck. The average cost to stain a deck is between $540 and $1,050,. Power washing with stain and seal should cost about $4 per linear foot.

2017 Average Deck Staining Cost (with Price Factors) Most contractors charge by the square foot. Average prices to re-stain a deck range from 50 cents to $2.50 per square foot. It will cost more to also have the underside of the deck stained. Some contractors will include sealing the deck in their quote, but some don’t—be sure to make sure.

2017 Wood Deck Prices Per Square Foot | 12x20 Deck Cost The average reported cost of a new wood deck. remember that materials are purchased per square foot.. which is important for the wood to properly take the stain.

Deck Staining Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Cost Report Deck Staining Costs & Prices. Learn more about how much it should cost to stain your deck.. Staining a Deck $0.75 to $3.00 per square foot

Handyman Cost to Re-Stain a Deck - Handyman Job Pricing. Repairs about $6.00 per board foot. Stain about. what do you think would cost to prep a deck 1500 sf with railings and steps. Handyman Job Pricing and Estimates

Cost of Staining a Deck | Estimates and Prices - Referwork.com Square foot costs for staining the deck can fall below $1.25 per sq. ft. for a routine clean and stain, on an area roughly larger than 200 square foot that is standing near ground-level.

What is General cost per square foot to stain a deck - Answers The average is between 2.00 and 2.50 a square foot. This includes powerwashing, detergent, and stain. Also, this is for your basic spindles on the railing. David. Depends on how professionally you want it done. My company PressurePros, inc specializes in deck restoration.

2017 Average Deck Staining and Sealing Costs: How Much. To seal a 250 square foot deck, plan on using two gallons ($50 to $80), plus assorted brushes, buckets, and rollers ($20 to $40) for a total materials cost of roughly $75 to $150. Staining the same deck might require as many as three to six gallons of stain ($75 to $240).

Cost of Staining a Deck - Estimates and Prices Paid How Much Does Staining a Deck Cost? Do-it-yourself: $20-$250:. company in Ohio estimates $330 to clean and stain a 10'x10' deck (100 square feet);.

Cost to Stain Deck - 2017 Cost Calculator (Customizable) Get an INSTANT, detailed estimate of the cost to Stain a Deck! Our free calculator uses up-to-date, trusted data to estimate typical subcontractor costs for a Deck Staining project. For a basic 125 square feet project in zip code 47474, the benchmark cost to Stain a Deck ranges between $1.76 - $4.26 per square foot*.

How much does it cost per square foot to stain a deck in. In Atlanta, I charge $2.00/ square foot to wash and stain a deck and rails. This includes the cost of materials as well.

Deck Painting Cost | Cost to Paint or Stain a Deck | Pro. Readying a deck for stain may require stripping the existing finish,. For a typical deck, it will cost $1 to $3 per square foot to add a coating like this.

Cost of Cleaning a Deck - Estimates and Prices Paid Cleaning is often done in conjunction with sealing or staining the deck. Hiring someone to clean and seal a deck can cost $1-$5 a square foot ($320-$1,600 for 16'x20'. Having someone clean and stain a deck typically costs $0.50-$7 or more a square foot ($160-$2,240 for 16'x20').

2017 Decking Cost Calculators & Estimators | Average Deck. HomeAdvisor's Deck Cost Guide offers price information on decking. Learn about the cost of materials,. $5 to $20 per square foot; Patio warmer: $150 to $400;

Deck Refinishnig Cost and Deck Repair Cost Denver Colorado deck refinishing denver, deck repair denver, cost to refinish deck,. Stain and Seal: $2.00-$3.00 per square foot depending on surface condition,.

fence staining cost per linear foot fence staining cost per linear foot. Cost to Stain. cost to refinish deck, deck. Power Washing, Stain and Seal: $8.00-$12.00 per linear foot.